Tablo Transfer Rate

Hi, I am really enjoying my Tablo so far. I have a question concerning the data transfer rate from Tablo to my Network. Is it capable of Gigabit transfer rates even though I am sure that could never be achieved. My concern is that since it is networked, then if it is 10/100 transfer rate, it will affect my overall network speed. Another tech told me for instance if I ahve a 10/100 switch installed somewhere, then the max my computer could get is 100 when I have GB capabilities. When i direct wire to my computer from the modem I get over 300 MB/S

Anyone know if the Tablo or my FireTV could cause this problem.

The Tablo is not a switch, thus it will not cause such a problem. Your remaining network devices will function at 1 Gbps.

The Ethernet port on the Tablo is 100 Mbps, not 1 Gbps.