Tablo time settings

Is there a setting for the time on the Tablo app?
I don’t see one in the settings option.

Unfortunately no. It uses the device time from initial setup or is based on your zip code.

Is the time wrong on your Tablo?

I think it is. Anyway to check it?

My zip code is correct. The times on my guide are also correct. But the times I show a program is recorded are off by 4 hours. I think the time is set wrong. Anyway to check it?

I don’t think there is a way to check it especially if the Live TV guide time is correct.

Is this issue with the recording times on ALL devices? Roku, Fire TV, computer, Android, iOS devices?

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That’s what I thought, and that’s key, because then it’s not a global issue.

I was incorrect. It is on all of my devices.

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Yes sir

Yes sir

@glucono1 - Touch base with support. They can look into this for you: