Tablo Support Tickets

How do I get to see my Tablo support ticket? In my email there is a small icon that says, “View ticket” but when I go there I cannot sign in.

It wants my email & password & then says, “Email address/password combination is incorrect, try again or get a new password.” Then when I go for a new password I get, “To reset your password for, enter your email address and we’ll send you an email with instructions” but it never sends me an email.
Am I doing something wrong?

November 10th. Same here!

Hey folks… Sorry I missed your previous post @ToddExyz

We actually don’t have this feature enabled because people found it confusing to have a different login for so many Tablo-related systems. I’ll see if we can have it removed totally to avoid the confusion you’re having by seeing the option :slight_smile:

Our usual turnaround time for tickets is 1 business day. This may be a bit longer on Mondays because of the buildup from the weekend but we’re working to scale up our team so we can continue to lower our average response time.

If your wait is longer than this, it may be because you’ve replied to that same ticket multiple times before receiving a reply back from us. Doing so puts you back at the bottom of the queue.

If you have an issue with the service you’re receiving from the support team, you can email anytime and we’ll investigate why we haven’t met our support response time standards in your case.