Tablo support for WDTV Live

I have 3 of these babies which dish out my media on my network, along with 3 roku boxes.  A lot of duplication of features but roku isn’t a media server I can use as well as the WDTV live boxes are.  Be good to see Tablo and WDTV live people working to together to give as an app.  I don’t mind running roku and WdTV live in parallel on my home system if thats the solution. Looking forward to getting the Tablo up and running as weather permits my antenna install

Is this a request or an announcement? Have you heard anything about Tablo on WD boxes?

a request of course

@decaturbob - We hear you. There are a few fans of the WD boxes around. I don’t believe there are official plans to support these at the moment but I’ll have to check with the dev team to find out why. They may not have the ability to support apps like Roku does. 

I’d love to see that WDTV app as well !!

If Tablo presented a dlna server view the WD devices would work just fine.  Are there plans for DLNA support?


The way the Tablo is currently designed I don’t see DLNA support anywhere in its future.

You can use the Tablo channel plugin in Plex Media Server, but I am not sure if Plex channel videos are available over DLNA.

ROKU 3 does support media server using PLEX, which is a free service. They do have a premium subscription but the basic service handles media player. I would like to see Tablo support WD Live TV media player.

Roku 3 supports screen mirroring.  Can the WDTV boxes be displayed on devices that support mirrorcast?