Tablo support excellent service

I would like to give a huge shout out to Mark at Tablo support, he fixed my issue lickety-split and here are some lessons learned.

Connect LAN cable from main router in living room. rj45 on tablo and power up Tablo…it’s OK to leave your USB drive connected.

He had me press the blue reset button in the back of the Tablo three quick times to put it in remote mode.

While in remote lan mode he had me tell him the last four of my Mac ID on the tablo and he saw it right away through the lan.

He then had me tell him my SSID and password 5 GHz network to connect to, and he set that up remotely. So wherever I take it in the house I can connect automatically to that network.

I’m going to get a AC 750 TP Link range extender and then will connect lan in the spare room where the tablo is fed by a loan coax cable

As soon as you connect a LAN cable 2.2.16 firmware is offered and installed perfectly really fast channel loading times now

Anyway, I hope this helps somebody when they are trying to set up or move the tablo in their home

cheers :headphones::tv:


Glad to hear it @Tom_C! We’ll be sure to give Mark a high five for you.

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