Tablo stuck in limited mode?

I tried to connect my tablet to tablo and it said tablo server is in limited mode and some operations are disabled during this process. the server can be in limited mode while doing database maintenance or while doing a software update. I can’t watch tv Its been doing this for about 1 1/2 hours. I did a soft reboot and then I unplugged it and its still in limited mode. How long does it take or could it be stuck?

That’s when ET Phones home. Lol it’s just maintenance it’s does that every night around 2 to 3 AM. The reason it does it at that time most people are asleep and don’t even know that it does that. The only reason I know is because it came down with West Nile virus in September and had a bad reaction to the virus and have nerve damage and lost my job because of it. That’s also when my old Tablo stopped working over wifi and I couldn’t get around so I just bought a new one. It’s bad when you can’t hardly do anything but watch tv and your Tablo stops working…
PS I am recovering slowly but surely but I think my nerve damage is going to be permanent which really sucks. And I’m still waiting on the new firmware update that they are sending out. Looks like a lot of improvements like if you want to record a show it comes on more than one channel you can choose which channel to record which is a good idea because I have a show that I like to watch but it comes on 2 different channel and one you can watch but when you record it it fails to record a lot because it a weak signal. I can watch it on my tv but not the Tablo.

So sorry about your problems and wishing you a full recovery. My tv is fine this morning,and thank you very much for your help.