Tablo Storage Allotment for Settings for Various Apps

Does the Tablo have an upper limit for the number of apps on various devices that could possibly connect with the Tablo? In addition, do multiple versions of the various apps claim a territory in the Tablo storage system once they are used and retain that toehold even when later versions of the apps are made available?

The fact that today some of my devices and apps thereon are showing some level of performance and others not working at all makes me wonder if some memory storage units for the settings for these devices and apps may have been exceeded?

I could possibly connect with my Tablo using a Roku 4, Roku 3, Roku Stick, Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield TV, and half a dozen or so PCs that have connected with many releases of the app and various updates and beta versions.

If there is such a limit I need to know so that if I ever restore virginity to the Tablo with a factory reset I would not want to exceed the limit for device and app connections. The third build of the 2.2.9 beta seemed to work OK at the start but started wigging out as various devices and apps were used to contact the Tablo. (My question is in general relating to release versions for the Tablo as well as beta versions).

Right now, my situation is this (after several Tablo manual restarts since my last post):

01). All Rokus work with the exception of not seeing any new episodes to record in any series.

02). My Amazon Fire Stick seems to have full functionality.

03). My NVidia Shield TV (with latest firmware) seems to have full functionality.

04). The various versions of will not sync properly using Chrome on any PC.

05). The IPhone app will not sync properly using the release version app.

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I would probably ping support for your issue. I don’t have the same breadth that you do in devices, but I don’t have that going on with mine for Shield x2, Nexus Player, Roku 3, PC…

If it wasn’t for the fact that I do not see the same issues I would have wondered if the problem was related to how different platforms support the underlying file types differently…

There is no limit to the number of clients the Tablo supports. I have 2 Rokus, 1 FireTv, 1 Chromecast, 1 iPad, 1 Android Tablet, and multiple PCs and smartphones connected to mine at various timess.

There is a recommended limit to the number of clients the Tablo supports at once, which is 3 for a wifi Tablo and 6 for a wired Tablo. I don’t think I have had more than 3 running at any one time.

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@Wolfpack - Definitely touch base with us regarding your sync problems.

After 30 days your devices won’t take up any database space on the Tablo. We’ve got Tablos in the office that connect to a raft of different devices so something else must be at play.

OK @TabloTV what should I do next?


@Wolfpack - Pop us a note with as much detail as you can… We’ll probably set up a remote session with you to scrape some logs from your Tablo. We’ll probably also need some console logs from your computer:

“After 30 days your devices won’t take up any database space on the Tablo” means what, exactly?

@Wolfpack - The details about that device’s interactions with your Tablo are discarded. Like when the last sync date was and what data was synced etc.

Does the 30 day purge happen for all devices on a fixed date schedule?

Is there a way to force the purge, or does the disconnect routine in Settings followed by clicking on the red x accomplish the same thing?


@Wolfpack - The disconnect will do it automatically.

And yes, it happens for all devices with the exception of Roku because its behavior is different.