Tablo stops recording for no reason

The Tablo is a brilliant device but I find it unreliable. I have three of them.

My current 4-tuner Tablo had been running fine until Saturday. That was when it recorded its last programs.

I can enter the “live TV” section now and see that it shows programs are being recorded as scheduled. I can even watch “live TV” ok.

But when I go to the recently recorded programs section, the only programming there is from Saturday (today is Monday).

I check each program that is scheduled to be recorded. The future dates are each marked with REC in orange. I then tried to click on “record all programs” and each REC turns blue (disables recording). The program then disappears completely from the scheduled recording section.

Has anybody else had this problem? I have had variations of it in the past with no real resolution.

I have gone through this with tech support several times in the past and that typically results in me resetting my Tablo, losing my recording schedule and maybe even my recorded programming. Frustrating!

I have plenty of disk space too, by the way.

This is driving me crazy. Please help with advice!


Are you running the latest firmware? There was a similar problem reported with the previous (2.2.28) version of firmware.

So you have 3 Tablo DVRs, I am wondering if the db file within your streamer(s) (Roku, Fire, Apple, Android) is becoming corrupted with having 3 DVRs all telling the app(s) there could be different recordings on each tablo?

I don’t run a multi-Tablo environment, just trying help out, so I don’t know.

Maybe you don’t need to reset the tablo dvr. Maybe you just need to clear the cache & data (ie uninstall/reinstall) your apps?

KirkH has a good point. Wouldn’t hurt to uninstall/reinstall the app. One small point, with many apps, removing and installing the app will NOT remove the previous data so you might see the same problem. If you can, it’s always a good idea to “force stop” the app, delete the cache, delete the data and THEN uninstall and reinstall the app. That way, any data from the previous install is (most likely) removed.

In many cases, just force stopping the app and removing the cache and the data and then restarting the app will fix minor issues. I sometimes find that necessary with the Tablo Preview App on the Amazon Firestick.