Tablo stops playing recorded show

Using most recent version of iPhone app and updated firmware on multiple Tablos in various locations. Playback just randomly stops about once every 15 minutes. Have to quit iPhone app, Reopen it, select show, fast forward to where it had stopped. Very annoying.

Sorry to hear you’re running into this.

Does it happen with every recording? Or just one recording in particular?

Are all of the Tablo units you’re trying to stream from outside of your current network? (i.e. are all of the recordings being streamed remotely?)

It happens with various recordings. Each of the three Tablos has its own network.

When you’re playing the recordings back, are you on the same network as the Tablo or are you streaming remotely?

Do they stop in the same exact spot? Or is it just ‘around’ the 15 minute mark?

just about. Random. About once or twice per 30 minute show.

same network. NOT remotely.

Do the recordings do the same thing when playing back on other devices? Like PC or Roku?

Don’t use other devices. Just appleTV

To confirm, are you seeing this issue on Apple TV or on an iPhone?

using iPhone app to play Table recordings through AppleTV

Aha… So you have an older Apple TV that doesn’t have a native Tablo app so you need to use Airplay to bounce the video to the TV?

Given that you have such a complex setup, it seems like it might be best for you to detail the specific steps you’re taking in an email to support.

It would be good to include which Tablo you’re trying to access, from where, and include the Tablo app version and Tablo firmware version you’re using.

It’s possible that the iPhone is losing connectivity with the Tablo but without more information and looking closer at your logs that is just a guess.

OK. Will investigate and follow up. Thanks.

Having the exact same problem since the “upgrade”. Wife’s iphone plays recordings without issue, mine crashes after about 10mins in. Also, won’t play in background, i.e. if I look at a text or email Tablo stops immediately and will only restart from the beginning. Iphone SE (2020) playing through older appletv.

I quit using my phone to play recorded shows. Upgraded really old appleTV so I could download apps and now use the Tablo app on the AppleTV to record and play shows. Can still use the phone app to set recordings. Works fine. Better interface.