Tablo stopped seeing hard drive

I’m stumped. I’ve been using Tablo for a few weeks, then suddenly it says that the hard drive can’t be detected. It only happens with programs I’ve programmed to record in the future. If I tune in to a program while it’s on, it records. Similarly, I can access all the previously recorded shows.

How do I fix this? Tried rebooting the Tablo, turning the hard drive on and off, nothing works.

What’s the hard drive make and model number?

Western digital WD5000C032

Why would it work fine before and now suddenly stop? Why can it access shows on the hard drive yet say “no hard drive detected”?

That’s a head scratcher, mate. If it is an old disk, it might want a firmware update. Otherwise I would call the Tablo support

@viejo1 Hey there - just chiming in to say that we’ve got your ticket, and we’re taking a look.