Tablo stopped recording

Tablo Dual Lite / Roku Streaming Stick+ / Winegard 7550 antenna
Tablo worked quite well for a week or two. Recently, when trying to play recorded showsw I get a message similar to ‘signal strength to low to record show.’ I can watch live shows - all perfectly. What is this ‘too weak to record’ thing?

Where can I ask this question and get a response?

I would suggest you send a message to Taboo Support and get them to take a look at your device (you can find a link at the bottom of your Tablo settings page, only issue is they are only there mon-fri.
If your TV has a signal meter you can check to see what signal your TV is receiving, you can get a signal that your TV can process but just is not enough for Tablo sometimes.
You can try resetting your Tablo and see if that fixes the issue.
There are a lot of people who monitor this site that can and will be helpful, just may take a day or two for someone to pick up on it. Also a lot of info in the knowledge base.

Had the same issue. What fixed it for me was adding a preamp (RCA TVPRAMP1Z) right by the antenna.

Thanks for the response. I have a Winegard 7550 antenna. Could only receive 5 channels. Bought a pre-amp from Winegard. They had me install a device of some kind 2-3’ from the antemma and the booster? 2’ from Tablo. I was able to get 31 channels. Very good, except the signal isn’t strong enough to record.