Tablo still missing the most basic of controls?


So wait, on the Roku app if you want to record say a show that is airing an hour from now there is no wait to set it to record from the Roku?

I get the no manual recording option, but why can’t you “schedule” shows from the 24 hour live TV grid?

This is of course with no subscription.


This, along with channel scan and manual recording, are the primary pieces missing on Roku.

If a giant sinkhole opened up and ate Nuvyyo HQ and tablo went out of business tablo users would be SoL.

Google Play Store, Apple, etc. would probably pull the tablo apps from the store front and delete them from the device and obviously HTML wouldn’t work. Many users wouldn’t want to get into the side loading business.

But Roku apps can often live on.


That’s why I don’t like being dependent on the device connecting to the internet. I have had other companies fold and leave me with a useless device. Although I would not be surprised if someone created a hack to bring our Tablos back to life in that scenario.

Long live Nuvyyo!