Tablo stability issues when hdd attached

I seem to have a variety of issues when an external hard drive is attached. If I disconnect the drive the table works perfectly. Some of the symptoms I have witnessed are

  1. First couple of seconds repeats itself when first going to a channel.
  2. Tablo aborting from both Roku and iPhone apps
  3. Tablo is unavailable to be reconnected for a few minutes then is found again on network.

Hdd I am using is an approved 2 Tb western digital.

  1. Please provide the exact model number of said drive.
  2. Can you please update the firmware on the drive? Plug it in to a computer and use the WD utility to update it. Force the update if you have to. Many people have had issues with WD Elements drives and forcing a firmware update has fixed their issues.

The model is actually a seagate backup plus portable drive - Model SRD00F1


@Victor_Adao Can you send us a ticket? We can check your Tablo’s logs (using the MAC address) to see what’s going on with the drive.