Tablo Software Sucks (old thread)

Tablo is lacking so many features. It decided to not record the last football game of the year, which is the reason I got it to begin with. And, there is no way to see why it did not record. This is a fatal flaw in this software, just like not having a prioritization method for ranking importance of recordings.

It decided to record some NFL games just not the one I wanted. Oh, and I have the 4 tuner method so I don’t think it is related to tuner availability.

Why is there not a simple list of upcoming scheduled programs as the icon based scheme is shit.

I will say up to this point it recorded all the NFL games broadcast locally so why the did it not record the home game, TABLO!

There is a 14 day “upcoming scheduled programs” called coming soon under the scheduled tab. But since you can’t or didn’t describe what tablo apps you are using, who knows.

And if you are using the highest recordings quality you only have access to 3 tuners for recording.

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My experience differs. When I request a recording, Tablo tells me right away if there is a conflict and I can fix it. And sometimes a show doesn’t record anyways, but then Tablo DOES give me a reason… sometimes it doesn’t make sense to me though… like no tuner available, when I know there was ONE. I only record at 5mbs, so it should have had a tuner, because no conflicts were listed. All software has bugs, I guess.

Due to all the schedule changes in week 17, if you didn’t update your recordings after Wednesday, you probably missed some games. NFL fans have to recheck their schedules each week.

it’s not the Tablo’s fault.

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I always see post suggesting “open a ticket and have tablo check your logs” …so apparently there is. I believe, this is a fatal flaw.

If you are a fanatic for NFL, before the playoffs, their OTA games come on specific days. For any OTA recording I am a fanatic about I check the 14 day “up coming” schedule to ensure there are no possible tuner overlaps. It’s not that hard to do.

But if you consider it a fatal flaw move on, their are other products.

Yes, there are… but none that I know of with the same feature set as Tablo. Despite its flaws I am rapidly becoming addicted to my Tablo.

Shouldn’t this get resolved when the broadcast data is correctly updated? The data gets updated daily so even if the schedule changes on wed there is no reason why it shouldn’t be recorded on sunday. I do usually check at the start of the game but it was consistently working and I forgot for the last game of the season.

Do you manually set certain games to record? Or do you have the Tablo set to record all NFL games?

Set to record all NFL games

I found the perfect thing to do with Tablo…Remove it and replace it with another brand of tuner/recorder.
We’ve had Nothing But Trouble the day we cancelled the service and just used it as a tuner/recorder. Spent a month trying Everything we were told and nothing ever worked.
Just replaced it with another brand tuner/recorder and everything is working fine now.