Tablo should copy Plex

If Tablo wants to make a great user experience then they should copy Plex for recorded playback. I have Tablo Ripper ripping my shows and adding them to my Plex library. I can start a show at home with my Apple TV and pick right up where I left off during lunch at work. Sure Tablo will remember where I am in my show but if I start to stream it at work it loads it from the beginning anyways. God forbid I turn my phone off to do something for a minute because Tablo starts loading from the beginning again. Don’t get me wrong, the Tablo does a great job recording stuff but the user interface needs upgrading. Most of the feature request I see on this forum are common features on other platforms and have been around for along time. Tablo please catch-up with the common features, it would really help with the wife happiness factor.