Tablo shirt / hoodie

Austin, TX just got METV and I saw them advertise a tshirt and the store. I checked it out and they carry up to 5X. METV uses to fulfill the orders. I was wondering about the possibility of @TabloTV can arrange something similar with a Tablo tshirt and/or hoodie. I don’t know what the process is for setting up a store at


@TabloSupport any idea if this is possible?

I’d love a tablo hoodie or even a t-shirt … i’d buy one … then when people ask me “Whats TABLO TV” I can use that as a doorway to explain about cord cutting and the TabloTV itself!

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We do have some Tablo t-shirts that we do provide to people who do us a solid by writing blog posts, for contests and sometimes at tradeshows.

Unfortunately the cost for shipping tshirts is pretty prohibitive. We’ve looked at doing it, but it’s a lot of pain for our logistics folks for very little if any profit.

If you’re dying for a tshirt, answer the same questions as these guys, send some associated pictures and we’ll send one your way.

You have 5XL?

@beastman - Sorry, the largest we got was a 3X and we’re actually out of those now.

My METV is on the way

@TabloTV they charge shipping and handling and they charge additional for the larger sizes

There are a few 3rd party companies that will handle payment, shirt printing and shipping for you… granted there probably is little profit but your zealot-eque fanbase would be thrilled…

Here is a short list to get the ideas going …

I’m a minion.

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Minion is probably a more accurate term… lol…