Tablo server can't connect to my Tablo

Tried to remotely connect tonight and the app said “Remote access is disabled.”. When I got home, I connected to the Tablo over my home network (Tablo is wired, app is on phone w/wifi).  I connected to the Tablo and went to Settings.  It said that I had no subscription.  Went to and logged in.  My subscription is there and my Tablo is listed on Associated Tablos.  If I click on it, though, it says it is “Unable to locate this Tablo”.  Rebooted the Tablo and my router, but still says the same thing.  Also looks like all of my scheduled recordings have disappeared.  The only thing I can use is Live TV and I can watch existing recordings. Prime Time, Movies, Sports, etc. are all greyed out, probably because of the missing subscription. Other connected apps that reach out to the internet (Nest, aquarium controller) are working fine.

Anyone seen this before?

Well, that’s weird.  Just double-checked the serial number that was on the account and it did not match the one on the box. Not sure how it let me do that when I added it to the account.   Today is the day that the trial subscription would have run out.   I don’t remember whether there was a green check next to the associated device when I set it up a week ago. 

Apparently, the serial number I added was valid, but either hasn’t been sold or hasn’t been set up yet.

(In the voice of Emily Latella)  Nevermind.

@dougc405 It was likely a valid serial number, otherwise it wouldn’t have let you add it - the portal has no way of knowing what Tablo to associate your account with until it’s been added this way.

We old people have trouble remembering numbers for long enough to type them in.