Tablo "seen" by Tablet / Not "seen" by PC

Last night, in the middle of using jskenney’s tablo2go script, communication was lost between my laptop and my tablo. I could not “ping -c 3”, but I could “ping -c 3”. So, I know my internet was OK. In addition, I could access my tablo from my Nexus 7 tablet fine and dandy. I tried to reset my tablo by a quick reset-button push, then unplugging, and plugging back in - that did NOT fix it. I had to resort to that plus a reboot of both my modem and my TP-Link 3600 WiFi router. That fixed it. So, I am left wondering why ??? My laptop had full internet access and could view other websites, but both the Chromium browser and a command line “ping” could not reach the tablo ??? But, I had full access to the tablo from the tablet ??? This was true of 2 laptops, both running Arch Linux.

You can try setting up DHCP Reservatio on your router for the Tablo. This means it will receive the same IP Address at all times (kind of like a static IP). This has fixed issues like yours for many.

I’m going to say I had already done that. I may not have done it correctly, but I did dive into the Labyrinth of my router’s settings and did that. I did that months ago. Now it ALWAYS connects up to The tablo WAS connected, because I could access it on my tablet. It’s just that my laptop could not access it, but the laptop could access other websites. --???-- ( but Thanks )

And here is something nice I didn’t expect. The tablet I leave at work can still access the tablo ! And, I did NOT remember to toggle the “remote access” button at home after I reset everything. I’ve had the “pairing” fail after a sneeze in the past, but this time, even after full-multi reboots, it stayed connected !!!

It should not un-pair after a Tablo reboot unless your WAN IP changes. But a router reboot generally will change the WAN IP.