Tablo screensaver during LIVE TV?!

Last night and this morning I was watching live TV through my Tablo and out of nowhere the live TV stops and the Tablo screensaver (or whatever you want to call it) comes up and just sits there. What’s the deal?

@ocsurf what device were you watching on and how long had you been watching? And by screen saver is it the device screen saver or are you seeing something else?

@Jestep I was watching on my Tablo 2-tuner and I had been watching for 15-20 minutes before it happened both times. The ‘screensaver’ that comes up just says Tablo really big on the screen.

@ocsurf what device were you watching on? Browser, Roku, ANdroid, iPad, etc


Known issue. It is a Roku firmware bug. Check the Roku forums.

I can’t anything in the Roku forum in regards to this issue.

Read this thread:

@theuser86 Thanks, I appreciate it.