Tablo schedule not recognizing American Experience as a series?

I have the U.S. PBS TV show American Experience scheduled to record all episodes, new and old. The Chrome web app schedule icon (gray, red, and blue) currently indicates there are “0 Seasons / 0 episodes” listed. But doing a word search in the schedule section for that program title reveals three upcoming AE programs: “JFK: American Experience”, The Forgotten Plague: American Experience", and “War of the Worlds: American Experience”. All three are listed on IMDB as being part of the “American Experience” series and so should be automatically recorded, yet I’m having to manually request they be recorded. Why is that? I don’t think any AE episode previously has recorded, although I can’t swear to it.

The overall series in the schedule section is categorized as an anthology. All three specific episodes above are categorized as documentaries and the latter two are also categorized as specials. Does that make a difference in why these episodes are not recognized as part of the American Experience anthology series?

Do you have it set to new shows only? If so try unchecking and it should record.

I think this kind of thing is all connected to how the guide provider tags certain programs, and to make it worse, sometimes they are not consistent about it. I can’t think of any examples of this problem that I have had with Tablo, but when I used to use Windows Media Center, I would have problems with Masterpiece Theater and Masterpiece Mystery. Usually these shows would just show up in the Guide as such (Masterpiece Mystery or Masterpiece Theater). Sometimes, though, they would show up in the Guide as the name of the show that was airing - or as a combination of both (probably to make it easier to recognize some of the more popular shows when scanning the guide). So if I had Masterpiece Mystery set to record as a series but the actual program (say Sherlock) was titled Sherlock or Masterpiece Mystery: Sherlock or something like that in the guide - it would not record unless I scheduled that particular name combination to record.

Because these problems tend to be confined to PBS anthologies, I make a habit of checking the TV Shows airing on PBS networks separately to make sure I am scheduling all the shows I expect regardless of whether they are lumped under the anthology name or the actual show title.

That probably has a LOT to do with it. We base our recording scheduling off of guide data. If something isn’t marked as an episode in a series, it won’t be recorded as such.

I’ll touch base with our team in charge of guide data and see if we can get this fixed up for future episodes.

Good thought, beastman. I should have mentioned that I did have it set to record all shows.

Thanks, Vonda Z. It sounds even more complicated than I had guessed. I wonder if Tivo has fits over how PBS names and classifies shows.

Thanks TabloTV for looking into it.

edited to suggest straightforward fix:

This problem of shows going unrecorded due to guide data mis-categorization makes the case for adding a wildcard match option to Tablo scheduling, e.g. record any program that has American Experience in the title.

That’s something we would like to do in the future. It would work really well for celebrity names as well so you could catch them when they show up on late night talk shows etc.

@billybattablotv1 This is a common problem for DVR’s in general. PBS is famous for that kind of labeling:

America’s Test Kitchen
Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen

Charlie Rose
Charlie Rose the Week

This Old House
This Old House Hour
Ask This Old House

In the past you would also see DVR’s trip up over shows like Survivor or The Amazing Race when they add a tagline at the end of the name for each season (e.g. Survivor: Cagayan, The Amazing Race: All-Stars) TiVo had a big part in getting networks to label their shows so that their season-pass feature would continue to record shows season after season. I don’t think this is a Tablo problem. You may want to bring this issue up to PBS. A donation would probably get the ball rolling.

Thanks, hellbound. (good username for the last week of October!)