Tablo scans multiple copies of same channels

When I scan for new channels I’m now getting TWO channel 42.1 (CBS) and 42.2 (TELE or T-Mundo).
I think this may be related to the station changing frequency but I’m not sure. How do we fix this and what would this do to my recordings? Note I’ve not added this new scan. Should I add the new scan. Maybe my missing channel 54.x is part of the duplicate entries? FYI Channel 54 is changing their signal but keeping the same number.


Sorry you’re running into this @Kerry_Chipman.

Can you try removing all of the 42 numbered channels from your lineup (uncheck them and then hit ‘add to guide’), then do a fresh channel scan, re-check the ones you do want and hit ‘add to guide’?

That should solve it but if not, drop a note to support and they can take a closer look at what might be happening:

It would be helpful to have some type of indicator or screen that shows the real channel number. I have a CBS affiliate in this market that transmits in the Hi-VHF band, but also has a UHF frequency as a fill-in for market coverage, and both have the same virtual channel id. The tablo detects both, and reports both as the same channel number. As the tower locations are in different directions, I have to rotate my antenna until I can see the signal degrade from the unwanted channel, then deselect it.