Tablo running early time wise

First recordings of the new year are taking after the holiday hiatus of new episodes and I’ve noticed my Tablo is running early time wise while everything was fine in early December. For example an 8pm recording tonight started at about 7:58:50. How do I get it back on track? Re-input my zip code and do a new channel scan?

Actually it appears to be about 2:40 off

Talking to myself…reboot fixed it

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Echo… echo… echo…
You’re just too fast, that’s all.

I notice the time on my Tablo is off, by hours, actually, if my internet connection goes down before I connect to my Tablo.

Hahaha thanks @Radojevic I didn’t mean that in a negative way like I felt ignored I just found it funny I talked myself through it in my own thread.