Tablo Roku Public Channel will not play more than one show

Since the Preview went public, now you can only watch a single show instead being truly live TV. Can that be changed? In the old Roku channel you could select a channel and just watch channel for an unlimited amount of time.

Now you are interrupted after the program you selected is over to select another show.

I found this only happened when the show being watched was also being recorded. Was your show also being recorded?

Interestingly that was the same behavior on Roku by Aereo the TV streaming service the US Supreme Court shut down.

@craigbarguitar - You can watch live continuously until a recording kicks in (unless you have another tuner available at that time). If (on a 2-Tuner) both tuners are recording it will stop the live stream (even if the recording is on the same channel) but you can go into recordings and watch the show as it records.

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Two different buttons, two different outcomes…

Go into the live TV guide / grid. Highlight the show / channel you wish to view.

If you click “OK” and then click “watch” after the info screen comes up, it will only show the one episode and return.

However, if you press the PLAY button, it will tune to that channel and continue to play until you hit the back button to exit.


That does it! Thank you. I have a 4 tuner model and was pretty certain that a recording was not stepping on the live stream.