Tablo Roku Preview exits Tablo but released is ok

My Roku LT (Model 2700x) using the Tablo Preview connects and shows the Guide when I select TV. When I click on a show to watch, it exits the Tablo Preview channel, back to the home screen. Roku LT has Software version 6.2 Build 3678.

Does the 2700X not have enough power or what can the problem be? It is connected wireless.
@TabloSupport Do you have any Roku LT model 2700x to test with? opened a ticket with support.

My Roku 3 using the Tablo Preview works ok.

I’m having the same problem. Using a 3050X Roku 2 XD with v 6.2 build 6003.
Just got my 4 tuner today. Help!

Get a new Roku :wink: 4200, 4210, 4230

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I’m waiting for Roku 4 before buying any devices, however a new TV will be required when I replace the Roku LT because the current TV in the bedroom doesn’t even have RGB connectors…RF (antenna / cable)ONLY which Roku 3 doesn’t support RGB but I found a convertor for RGb to RF for the Roku LT. The TV was free. It used to be in my parents RV and it is in the bedroom.

Similar situation here. Got an old rear projection type TV set that only accepts RCA connectors. Been using this Roku for about 3 years. Do any of the newer ones connect with the old RCA connectors?

I just googled and the newer Roku all require an HDMI connection on the TV. That is the reason I got the Roku LT for the TV in the bedroom. With that being the case, my best bet would be getting a new TV with HDMI and then use the FireTV stick in the bedroom and the Roku 3 in the Living room.

Same issue here immediately after 2.2.2 software installation, using a Roku 4200 no issues before software upgrade previous released Tablo-Roku version working without issue problem seems specific to Roku-beta version. Roku has latest version installed and network has been rebooted.

Are you using the 1080p recording quality on the Tablo?

I’ll check when the disk is reconnected to the Tablo. Currently copying 1 TB to 5 TB using USB 2. Talk about SLOW. I think it’s going to take the 25 hours or more.

No my recordings are set to 720. - Update all my recoded TV shows will not play on either the Beta or released version of the Roku apps as well. - Update @ 6:07 CST carried out reset of Tablo and waiited until was notified of new version of software 2.2.2 went through installation process for 2.2.2 again and let Tablo restart now no issues watching live tv with Beta Roku app however all previous recording are no longer available however they are still located on hard drive but Tablo cannot index them for some reason.

This is a different issue entirely. I would open a Support Ticket with Tablo.

No one else has had problems with the 720p recordings after the 2.2.2 update.

I have a Roku 2 2720 connected via composite video that has the same problem. No issue when connected to a TV via HDMI. When I opened a ticket with support they provided me the link to the current Tablo Preview Roku beta app and the issue is resolved in that version. You can use the non preview app (yak) or open a ticket to get them to send you the link to the Preview beta.

I already have the beta on my Roku 3. Will I be able to also install it on the Roku LT 2700?

Edit: It was already installed but I had not moved it to be by the other Tablo channels. Now IF the disk copy will EVER FINISH. it’s 70% done. Sure takes a long time to copy 1 TB at USB 2 speeds.

@TabloTV When is the Roku Preview Beta going to everyone? It DID work on my Roku LT 2700. I was able to watch both live tv and recordings. I will either delete the Roku Preview or move it to be the last channel on the Roku LT since it doesn’t work there.

I’m not familiar with Roku Beta Preview, you don’t mean Tablo? If it is a Roku Beta Preview how do I get it?

Has anyone tried to convert the mpeg4 video files created with Tablo Ripper to AVCHD and if so for a show that’s an hour long or longer how can those files fit on a DVD? My AVCHD recordings fail every time due to their excessive size.

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Tablo app preview beta. I have released version of Roku

@beastman Glad to hear the Beta sorted this out for you. We intend to release very soon - no date yet.
@glucono1 If you’re having the same issue, send me a ticket. I’ll make sure you get the Preview Beta.

I filled out ticket but I’m not sure what issue you are talking about. The only issue I have is with Roku on 1080P getting loading, please wait on screen. If that is not what I filled the ticket out to correct then I don’t know what issue ur speaking of and do not want anything else to be changed if this ticket was for anything else please don’t send me anything

Using the Roku LT it will show me the guide for the Watching Live, but instead of tuning it, using the Tablo Preview it exits the Tablo Preview Channel. On the other hand, if I use the Tablo Preview Beta version, the problem has been fixed. While the beta doesn’t yet have all the features of the Tablo app for my Galaxy S5, it is improved over what is currently there.