Tablo Roku Channel vs. Tablo Roku Channel Preview

As I understand it, the idea was that both the original Tablo Roku Channel and the Tablo Roku Preview Channel would co-exist until the Preview had all the features of the original at which point the Preview would become the Roku Channel.

While many good improvement suggestions have been made and some implemented, the only feature that comes to mind that the original channel has that the Preview doesn’t is the ability to sort recordings by Newest, Genre, etc.

Are there other features, I am not thinking of? Do you have a time frame for when the Original will be retired. Do you have a time frame for when I should be retired?

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I know I prefer the old channel for viewing recordings of shows where there are more than a few recordings. The lack of a proper sort makes the newer channel dreadful. I hope the old one is not retired until the new one has sort features and maybe some filtering added.

There is the ability to see what is scheduled to record, and the ability to see what is upcoming beyond the next 24 hours.

Ah, thanks. I had overlooked those additional features available on the Original but not on the Preview. So I guess there are at least features that need to be incorporated before the Preview becomes the only Tablo Roku App:

  • View recordings in different ways (e.g. most recent, by genre)
  • See what is scheduled to record
  • Ability to see what is upcoming beyond the next 24 hours

Any other features we have overlooked? Do we know whether these features will be addressed before new features (e.g., mass delete) are added?

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Tablo has stated that until both apps reach feature parity the old one will remain available.

Yes. I understand that. I’m asking: 1) what are the features to be added to reach parity (and retire the Original channel); and 2) Does Tablo plan to add those features first before adding additional features not found on the Original channel.

Tablo Support - any response

The improvements we’ve stated specifically for Roku are:

  • Browse and set recordings for upcoming TV, Movies and Sports occurring in the next 14 days
  • View scheduled recordings
  • Search

We also plan to add more sort options and a few other cool features.

Is there any timetable for when we may get these features?

We’ll be working constantly on them over the coming months but I don’t have a specific ETA for each.