Tablo Ripper meta data

I love to Tablo Ripper but I seem to have an issue where meta data is not being downloaded or read by Tablo ripper program. As a result, I have recordings that are just the date and time instead of the name of the show/episode-season number, etc. I can find the right show to download (once I adjust to GMT time) but I miss the ease of easily selecting the show I want and downloading it with it being nicely named. Additionally, since I don’t have the meta data in the file name, if I select multiple recordings, it just records them on top of one another with a default ‘-’ filename. I’m running Ripper 1.0.3. Not sure if this is a Ripper or a Tablo update issue.

@TechNerd Probably best to resolve this using PM as it tends to take a bit of back and forth. But to get started, you should enable logging, rip a show that has the issue you’re describing, and send me the log file using a private message.

There are shows that don’t include season/episode information, but let’s see if there’s a way to uniquely identify your recordings.

PS - a screen shot might also help. And you can include the recording ID in the output file name to prevent overwriting till we figure out the issue.

Glad you got it figured out. Step #1 is always get the latest version. Next version will convert GMT to local for you. Thanks for the suggestion!