Tablo Ripper - Automatically download new recordings

After looking at it closer it is fine the way it is. Thanks

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I am having trouble using the 32 bit version. I am getting the following errors:

Exception: The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform.

Need a bit more info. When do you get that exception? If it’s when you’re trying to rip a video, it’s probably because you have the 64-bit version of ffmpeg installed.

If not, then a screen shot might help!

I have now got the 64 bit version working. Testing it out now

The reason the 32-bit version resides in the ‘experimental’ subfolder is that it’s not recommended.

Now that @craigalan picked up a copy, I’ll remove it again to prevent confusion.

How often does it check for a new show? I can’t tell if it found the show that just finished recording.

Assuming you have the service start/end window set to include ‘right now’, I polls your Tablo every 5 minutes.

PS: be sure you have the service installed and running

Service is installed & running but nothing is happening. How do I know when the shows are downloading?

You’ll know it’s ripping when files start appearing in your output folder.

If you read earlier posts, there was some confusion about ‘empty/unspecified’ service start/end times. Perhaps you’re having the same issue. I’ll change that behavior today so if you don’t fill them in, it’ll run all the time.

And probably the best advice I can give is to check that manual ripping works BEFORE kicking off the background service. If the ‘start new’ button doesn’t find anything, neither will the background service. Check your settings.

Edit: OK, uninstall your current version and download the latest to pick up the service time change. I didn’t bump the version number.

Can anyone recommend a NAS Storage Device to store video files on besides a full PC? WD creates one (My Cloud), but there are many, many mixed reviews for it. Just wanted something local, energy efficient, and not concerned about “Cloud” tech… just DLNA via LAN.

Synology + Plex. An awesome combination.

I have a QNap TS-451 that I use for a PLEX server. PLEX is one of the many apps it is built to support in it’s standard configuration. It’s a bit over-the-top, so it has way more features then I currently use… Actually, more then I even took the time to read about. But, it also has alot of stuff that might be very good to have, depending on what you have or don’t have already. Too much to tell here, so I’d just take a look at their website and see.

Mine is setup with 16TB (4ea x 4TB drives), running in RAID 4.


Help. I get a message saying “This installer package is not supported for your processor type’”. What type of processor do I need? Any other requirements I should know about?

TabloRipper is a 64-bit windows application, but I have posted a 32-bit snapshot build for anyone still running 32-bit Windows. It’s located in the “experimental” subfolder of the download link.

Thanks! I don’t have access to a 32-big Windows machine (at home anyway), and this is for my stepson… I’ll let you know how it works.

Oops. When I try to run it, I now get the message “C:\Program Files\TabloRipper/TabloRipper is not a valid Win32 application”…

When does the message occur? Did it install correctly? Screen shot please.

Another thing to try, it’d entirely possible you don’t have the .NET runtime installed (that’s common with XP). You can get it here:

Just a trivial suggestion. When you stop the background operation in Tablo RIpper, it stops wherever it’s at I believe. I would think it might be better to finish up the current title and then stop. Reason is, if your output folder is MCEBuddy’s monitor folder, MCEBuddy seems to see when data flow stops on a file, it’s time to do it’s work on it. If you pause MCEBuddy before Tablo Ripper is stopped, you can start MCEBuddy again after you start background action in Tablo Ripper, but you need to know Tablo Ripper is actually pushing bits on the incomplete file again before you start MCEBuddy, or MCEBuddy will think the file is complete and start work again on that incomplete file.

That’s alot of words up there, so I hope you get what I’m saying.

Side note on MCEBuddy - There is an abundance of features and capabilities built into MCEBuddy. I have used this program for almost a year now, and I maybe only have used or tried 1/4 of the features. I am about 1/2 way through ripping my current Tablo HD and I am still experimenting as I see different things I’d like in the output. Increasing volume is one, breaking out subtitles another, creating series folders another – And there is much more to consider.

I am saying this so others might decide to do their experimenting before starting the real ripping chore. I have already restart from scratch once, and I almost feel I should do it again now that I have working subtitles available and taken out of the mp4 files from Tablo Ripper. Also, moving the volume to about 120% from the standard setting in MCEBuddy brings volume into a more reasonable range in comparison to most of my real movie titles from BR/DVD’s.

CycleCJ you are a very talented person to have put this ultra-useful program together.


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Thanks for the suggestions and kind words!

I 100% agree with your insight into MCEBuddy. I intentionally omitted any duplication of features in TabloRipper (like volume adjustments, different output formats, removing commercials, etc.) because MCEBuddy already does SO MUCH. Why reinvent the wheel?

And I opted for safety when cancelling a rip - I kill the FFMPEG thread. Why? Because if you immediately restart ripping the same video, you’ll collide with the original thread’s file name. If you know what’s going on, it’s easy to detect and correct. But if you don’t, then you’ll get very confused.

Thanks again for the help!

That idea would work fine, except users will need to be aware to stop MCEbuddy fully before stopping Tablo Ripper. If not, then there will be a partial title completed and put into the PLEX server and even though Tablo Ripper will start over on processing that particular title, MCEBuddy will not look at it again as it will see that title already completed in it’s database. So, in essence, 1 title will be lost, or at least not fully completed if a user is unaware of how MCEBuddy works.

Again, I know this and it really isn’t a big deal for me to take into account how to do this properly where no bad or lost tiles happen, but then again, I didn’t know it until after more then a couple of titles were mishandled in my process.