Tablo Remote won't work on Win 10 laptop

I have a Tablo 2 tuner with 160gb hd. I have a 32 bit compaq laptop and I can’t get it to work remotely. I have 2 Kindle tablets and both work at the same location. Support told me to use Chrome and I use the link and it goes there and gets on the connect screen and stays there. It indicates it is connecting but doesn’t .
Anyone else having trouble like that?

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This may sound like a silly question but you are at your home on the same network as the Tablo while doing this ,right? For each device that you want to be able to connect remotely it has to be set up the first time at your home network with the Tablo.

Yes is was on the same network as the Tablo device. I can use the microsoft app and it will work, but I can’t use the “” link it just goes to connecting page and the circle just keeps on running and nothing happens. The support tech told me to pair it first at the home network using the above link, but the link don’t work for me. I have to go away from home with the laptop to another place to test it. Thanks

What happens when you use the Private Browing window in Chrome?

It could be that you have a plugin or a VPN of some sort that’s throwing a monkeywrench in things.

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Same issue. Same problem with multiple devices. When I reboot my Tablo, the Tablo servers can find it. Then after a few hours, nothing outside of the network and Windows devices do not connect inside the network. Probably had about 10 back and forth with Tech Support. UPnp, port forwarding, trying from inside and outside, reset everything. Gave up.

Odd. What is the make and model of your router? Maybe try upgrading the firmware?

Is it a combined modem / router from your ISP?

Netgear Nighthawk X4S AC2600.R7800. Pretty much top of the line consumer router. One year old. Latest firmware. Not a combined modem/router from ISP.

David at tech had patience and got the problem solved. I wish to share the details in case this will be helpful to anyone. Somehow I had a duplicate serial number or MAC. I would reset my Tablo by power cycling. At that point my IP was registered with the Tablo servers and life was good…for a few hours. Then the other person’s Tablo would register itself and my Tablo Connect wouldn’t work. The tech support team stuck with it and now I am Tablo Connecting all day long. Again, I share this in case anyone else has this freaky situation. Thank you, David.