Tablo Remote Mute and Volume buttons not working

Until today my Tablo Quad remote worked fine. Now the mute button and the volume buttons do not work.
The input to the tablo is from an antenna, the output goes directly to a soundbar. The sound output from the Tablo works fine but I have to control the volume with the soundbar remote. Neither the Tablo volume or mute control the output from the tablo to the soundbar but the blue LED light flashes when I press the Tablo buttons.

You have a Tablo QUAD HDMI unit, correct?

Would definitely try rebooting it if you haven’t already.

Rebooting does restore the mute and volume functions for a few moments. But as soon as the first Live TV screen pops up, the Mute and Volume functions no longer work.

Pressing the Mute button does cause the channel name to display in the upper left corner, along with the time in the upper right corner with the program timeline below. But no sound.

I suspected that I had changed a setting, causing the problem but nothing I changed in the settings affected the mute and volume.

Thanks for helping


I don’t have an HDMI unit, but is it possible that the TV or HDMI cable could be an issue?

Maybe try a different HDMI port or cable, or if convenient, even a different TV - just to rule those out.

Will do, thanks again

Changing the HDMI cable didn’t solve the problem. If it’s the remote, where do I find a replacement?

I really think it’s a software problem so I’ll keep fiddling.


Success! I turned on Surround SoundPassthrough! Thought I had surround sound. Guess Not.

Thanks anyway mbellaire,

Guess I won’t fiddle with my Tablo again🥹

I have had two different remotes that had the same problem. Good luck.