Tablo remote access and software/firmware updates

When updated app for the Android/Fire TV is released or when new Tablo firmware version is released, does the Android device or Fire TV lose its “authorization” with the Tablo? I don’t know how high priority the login process update is on list of feature updates but logging into Tablo remotely should be a simple login and password.

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My Android devices do not lose their pairing when the Tablo firmware gets updated. I have gone through several updates while I was at work, and when the updates were complete, I still could connect to my Tablo just fine.

The login with username and password will likely happen at some point in the next two years, but I would be surprised if it happens in the next 3 months. There are just more important issues to resolve first.

Updating the Tablo and rebooting the Tablo does not result in the need to re-pair your device for Tablo Connect.

However, rebooting of your router which results in a new WAN IP or your ISP assigning a new WAN IP requires re-pairing locally.

As for whether updating the app itself requires re-pairing, I am not sure as the updates to my Fire TV and iPhone and iPad are so few and infrequent. When you update the app, just remember to re-pair locally at home before you leave.