Tablo reliability?

Do your Tablos crash or lockup often, causing them to miss recordings?
I bought a Tablo a couple weeks ago. It seems to work ok. We missed out on a show tonight that we were looking forward to because the Tablo decided to just stop working, locked up hard, and recorded nothing.
Im extremely upset, but I honestly want to know if this is going to be a regular thing, or if Tablo is normally pretty reliable for you guys, and this was a fluke? I am a tech nerd and I really want to love Tablo…but I don’t want to troubleshoot it constantly, I want it to just work. I thought for 300$ it would be pretty reliable. Eyeballing a Tivo Bolt now, that’s how low I’ve sunk!


I can’t speak for everyone but mine has never missed a recording. I had thought I missed one, but I’m pretty sure I forgot to set it.


I have never had my Tablo lock up. Is yours in a well ventilated area? Nothing on top of it?

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Yeah, it’s just sitting on a desk, nothing around it. With a tiny external drive on top. It’s in the basement, which lately it about 65 degrees. When I picked it up to reboot it, the bottom was REALLLY warm. The top where the hard was, was not. :confused:

You have the USB HDD stacked on top of the Tablo device? That’s a Nono for heat dissipation.

Snap a photo and upload it to this thread via the browser on the phone to be clear. I would put the Tablo is a well ventilated area with no device underneath or on top of it.


Also place your Tablo on its side to help with the heat.


I elevate my Tablo on a very thin and small cardboard box … (and definitely do not stack the hard drive). It has been 100% reliable once I adopted this strategy. Turning it on it’s side is interesting; I did not think of that!

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Thanks Guys! I honestly didn’t think the heat would be that crazy with this device, but I guess I was wrong. Now it seems stupid to have the HD on top, I’m careful with my other devices and heat… I thought I read of others doing it this way, so I did it without thinking.

Attached is a pic showing how I HAD it when it crashed, and how I have it now. I hope this helps!

Thanks guys!

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That is how my setup looks, Tablo vertically on it’s side.

Awesome, and you’ve never had your lock up you said? That makes me feel a little better!

Yep - I have not had an instance where I could not connect to the Tablo which required me to reboot it. Let us know how it goes.

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Yea, that is how mine is now… Before mine was laying down and I had a lot of issues

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Great to hear! I hope this solves it, it sounds like that could easily have been the issue, especially since I noticed it being very hot on the bottom when I first rebooted it. Does anyone think the Tablo is compromised now because of the overheating and will be prone to more issues?

Jestep said you had issues before you flipped it to it’s side… so apparently yours works fine now. I hope mine does too! Ill post back if there are any issues.

Thanks again!

Yea, works great when I am not running beta firmware :stuck_out_tongue:

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I will say the Tablo is probably one of the more reliable pieces of hardware I’ve ever used. My issues were generally related to playback - iOS or Roku.


I have mine sitting in its normal position but nothing on top. I have not noticed a lockup problem. - knock on wood. I have had HDD fail to record with a HDD not recognized reported, so I switched to HDD with its own power supply. Much better since then.

Jestep - lol , yeah I think I’ll stick with official releases for now :slight_smile:

DaveG - Good to hear yours is reliable! Software…yeah, right now I think I only have issues with the Plex plugin (it’s barely passable), but I know that’s a third party.

js98 - HDD problems, interesting! I read somewhere that Nuvyyo says USB powered drives are more reliable! God, I hope I don’t have problems there too… the HD issues worried me about this thing before I even bought it. Seems like it’s hit or miss, and Nuvyyo can’t guarantee any drive works 100%.

I will put this out there in this topic because I really think it is an important addition for $10.

I ordered the DEEPCOOL WIND PAL MINI Laptop Cooling Pad 15.6" Slim Design 140mm Silent Fan Blue LED from Newegg US for 9.99 with free shipping. I set my Tablo and 2TB Seagate usb portable drive on top of it and plugged it in. It makes NO noise and very little breeze …but my Table is now just barely warm to the touch and before it was HOT - 90++. And my HD seems to be just fine up there…so far - now 18mths

Now I know that they say that 90+ is normal for the unit, but I have always found that cooler electronics seem to last longer.

Are you using the pass-through USB between the Tablo and the hard drive?

Sodaman , agreed, good tip !

Flyingdiver - are you asking about sodamans cooling pad being powered by the Tablos usb? Or my set up? If you are asking me, I just have the hd connected directly to Tablo in port nearest coax.