Tablo releases the live viewing antenna when the recording stops

When I’m watching a channel where a program is being recorded and the recording is done, the live viewing of the channel is also terminated.  That’s very annoying if I want to continue watching the channel.  

This is normal behaviour.

People have brought it up before that it shouldn’t happen so we’ll see if they change the way the Tablo it works.

It may be “normal behavior,” but it’s bad behavior and either a bad design or an outright bug.

Aereo (RIP), a TV streaming app also had the same behavior. Most streaming apps, such as Amazon Prime, also end the stream when an episode ends. So this paradigm has been consistent across streaming devices for most apps whether the stream is live or recorded. May have to do with the fact that apps don’t want to tie up a streaming channel and therefore end it if the user is not in control of the stream. Tablo will have to detect if the stream is being recorded at the same time it is being viewed before it makes the decision to terminate the stream.

When I watch any live channel, I do expect it to continue until I tell it to stop, regardless whether the current program is being recorded or not. I understand that will consume another tuner for the live viewing, but that’s what we bought 4-tuner model for :wink:

If there is no available tuner, then user should get an alert so that they can watch from the recording if necessary.

I agree if you are watching at the same time it is being recorded you should not be stopped, unless like you said a tuner is needed for some other recording. And even then, yes a message should be displayed.

I believe the problem is that the very same tuner is being used for recording a show and for viewing the channel live. When the show being recorded ends, the tuner being used for the recording is released, ignoring the fact that it was also being used for viewing the channel broadcast (which is on-going). They need to not blindly release the tuner, as long as it is not needed for another scheduled recording, if it is also being used to watch live TV.