Tablo Recordings

Hello All,
A recent issue on our Tablo unit that we use through Roku. There are a few shows that we tape daily such as local news and Dr. Phil and recently there are ‘flags’ showing that there is a new recording, but when we go into the list of recordings there is nothing displayed. We are only ~10% full on the HDD and have done a “soft” reset with the blue button.

@chadzeilenga We’d like to take a look and see what’s up. Can you send our support team a ticket? You can send us one here:

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

Has there been any resolution to this issue? I put in a support ticket, but no response.

I had the same problem. It has to do with the recording options. I fixed it using the Tablo app for my Android phone (I assume iPhone users can fix theirs this way too). Basically, I went to the scheduled recording page and opened each of the shows I had set to record. For each show, I clicked the Options button, then “Use Defaults”. The episodes that I had set to record were flagged again to be recorded. In many cases, all of the options were already set to their defaults, but clicking “Use Defaults” seemed to reset it again.

It’s not the best fix, and I think the Tablo engineers need to investigate further, but it’s a workaround to allow you to record your shows again.

Sorry for the wait, we have a fix available that can make the existing recordings visible. Our team has sent you a note.

@TabloSupport - same issue here. Recorded X-Files, the recordings thumbnail shows a newly recorded episode, but clicking into the thumbnail shows no recordings.

Edit: Ticket submitted.