Tablo recordings window

I use Roku 3 with big screen TV

When looking at the Tablo Recordings page where you have all the icons listed under TODAY or LAST WEEK etc.:  
Show icons are displayed where within TODAY for example, icons can be cycled thru from left to right (for example) displaying 01/05, 02/05, 03/05, 04/05, 05/05.  Should STOP here and not recycle the icons where your next right arrow shows you 01/05 again, etc.  As a matter of fact, you do this same recycling throughout all option in RECORDING.

Is very confusing.  Would be better you us to be able to see the ending of the list.

ALSO,  Tablo is really confused about which shows should be in the TODAY or in the LAST WEEK categories.  They are not correct.  As a matter of fact, I can't even figure out why they stay in TODAY forever.

@brcatlover - Thanks for the feedback. We’ve got lots of stuff planned for the Roku app including a revamp of the today/last week etc. categories.