Tablo recordings skip, freeze (but sound continues) and pixalate

My daughter and I record Flash and Arrow on the Tablo for new episodes. It worked great at first but since the second half of the season started the records pixalate, freeze (sound goes on) and is just really bad. Shutting down the Tablo and restarting it helps clear some of that up but it is still bad.

I was recording at the 1080 60fps 10mbps. I droped it today to the 1080 8mbps to see if that will make a different.

The table is connected using the RJ45 connector (not wifi).

Anyone have suggestions on how to resolve this?

90+% of the time this is caused by poor reception. Reception isn’t a constant and there can be things that interfere with antenna signal from the outside, to the antenna, to the coax, etc…

Now… you said, that your playback of a given recorded show isn’t constant though? Right? That is sometimes when you play back it plays smoothly through the exact same part that other times is “pixelated”? If this is the case, you probably should start a ticket with support. That would be a very odd problem indeed.

That’s exactly what I am saying. When I reboot the tablo it works better going over the same portion of the video. Its very strange!

I Ann having the exact same issue with my tablo that I just purchased. Can someone please help!

Lowering the recording quality does not change the bitrate for completed recordings, only future ones.

Try the 720p 5 Mbps setting, and record something new, and see how it goes.

I would like to suggest the observed problems might be caused by the media player or the HDMI cable from the media player to the TV.

I suggest trying an alternate player, such as a PC or IPhone for example, to get more comparisons of the playback quality to help with the diagnosis.

Sometimes a power-cycle of the media player can improve performance.

I solved my problem, I changed the hard drive that was being used I also did a rescan and changed it to 1080p 8Mps and that seemed to do the trick.