Tablo Recording


I recently set up my tablo tv and it’s working fine. I have recorded a couple of 1 hour shows, but both shows were recorded in two parts. One was fifteen minutes long and the other was 45. Is this normal? If not, how can I fix this?


I’ve seen that happen when the Tablo reboots… you can tell if that happened when the blue light in front starts flashing. This happened to me when I touched the underside front edge of the Tablo, which seems a little sensitive to ESD so I’ve learned not to touch there.

I understand from Tablo support that this can also occur due to certain changes in the broadcast signal (this happened to me as well) and that they understand what’s happening and will be fixed in the next software release for the Tablo. FYI, it’s been a long time since I last saw this happen, but it did occur with the current release of software some months back.

From what I gather, there is a new version of code undergoing beta testing now, so I’m guessing it won’t be long before the new code becomes generally available.

Hopefully, this isn’t happening on every show you record.

Thanks, I’ll have to check how other episodes recorded. Either way can’t wait for the update!

I appreciate your response!

I was having the same troubles, mate, with some shows getting split into two or even three parts. I caught on that my antenna had slipped so I adjusted it last week and the split shows have stopped.

So it would be worth spending a few minutes tinkering with your antenna.

@rortiz312000 As mentioned above, this can happen if the Tablo reboots, or if there’s a reception problem. If you’re still seeing this, don’t hesitate to touch base with our support team.

Thanks John Luther, I did tinker with the antenna, and now my shows are not split. That did the trick!