Tablo recording performance

Hi all,

A newbie here. I’ve had my tablo about a month and am on firmware 2.2.2 Haven’t really done many recordings other than to t test that it works, but I ran into an odd situation last night I was hoping to get some help.

My wife was watching a recording 15 minutes into the 2 hour recording on a new Roku 3 in or living room that is hardwired to our router, so is the Tablo. She was able to watch her recording without any issues.

At the same time, I was watching a recording, that started 20 minutes earlier on an hour long show from our bedroom using an older Roku 3 (2013 version) via wifi. Initially I got those buffering screens where it said it was loading and then the Roku completely locked up. After physically rebooting the Roku, I switched the wifi from 5G to 2.4G and restarted the recording, it seemed to work fairly well until I came to commercials and I tried to FF thru them, a couple times FF worked fine, but on 2 occasions it completely rebooted the Roku and after it restarted I went back to the recording and it would ask if I wanted to resume where I left off trying to FF. The show continued to record fine and play fine, but I was leery to try FF again.

What might I be doing wrong or is it systematic?

There are known issues with the Roku where fast forwarding can cause the Roku to reboot. I usually have it happen about once per one hour recorded show.

Tablo support is working with Roku support on the issue, but no timetable has been set for resolution. I am not sure they even know the cause yet.

Thanks, did not know that. Guess I’ll wait (patiently) for the fix