Tablo recording options

We are thinking of buying a Tablo. It is on our short list, but the wife has a preference that we don’t know if Tablo fulfills.

If you subscribe to the program guide, can the Tablo be set to record all first episodes of a given program, line Downton Abbey?

You can set it to record all episodes or just the new episodes of a particular show :wink:

Yes. Though as for downton Abbey, PBS has them on their website/in their app the next day. We record it anyway, but it is an option.

Also to keep in mind that PBS airs Downton Abbey under their “Masterpiece: Classic” block, so that’s how it appears in the TV Guide.

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Yes - and this also means that if you set it to record all New episodes, it will record all New episodes of all Masterpiece Classic shows, whether you watch the other series or not.

As long as it doesn’t miss any episode of Downton and Sherlock. I protect those recordings and then say delete all unprotected,

I believe she can also catch up with previous episodes if need be on PBS site. I must be the only PBS fan who doesn’t watch Dalton Abby.

Don’t focus on Downton Abbey. I just used that as an example. It could have been Big Bang Theory or anything else.

It is the process I am looking for.

It seems that Tablo will do just the first episode of a series.


They already answered your question. You can set the Tablo to record any single episode from the guide, or all episodes of a particular show, or only all new episodes of a particular show. You have to pay for the subscription for this feature, though it’s well worth it.

See, I couldn’t even spell it right. DOWNTON ABBEY.