Tablo rebooting on its own

Sunday nights are the only time I record two shows at once, and then a show after that, so it busier than usual.  For the second Sunday in a row, my Tablo rebooted while I was recording, which killed one of my shows half way through.  

What I notice is a loading error on my Roku, then the lights on the Tablo blink rapidly for 15-25 seconds, and finally they blink slowly for another 15-25 sec.  During that time, I can’t connect to the Tablo at all.    Afterwards, I can get to it as usual.

The bottom of the Tablo also seems extra warm.  I did place it on it’s side after this last reboot, and I will see if that helps at all.   I submitted a support request last night, but I am curious if anyone else has experienced this problem.  The main thing to look for is the blinking LED on the unit.

Interesting!  One of my Tablo’s crashed last night (Sunday 5/4 21:55 Mountain).  It was recording two shows and playing a recorded show, I was skipping a commercial at the time, via a Roku.  However it did not reboot, it was unresponsive until I power cycled it.   Recording two shows at a time is not all that unusual, and this is the first hint of an issue.  Unfortunately I was not in the same room as the Tablo at the time so I do not know if there was a blink pattern to the led.  Five minutes after the event the LED was solid.  The two recording are 5 minutes short.  The frustrating part is there are no logs to review to figure out what was going on.  My tablos are on a vented shelf and according to a Infrared thermometer typically run at 92-97 F.

I don’t think the temperature is out of range, based on what support emailed me. It’s normal to be up to 113F, and it certainly didn’t feel even that warm.

I am going to try to recreate the problem manually (Hopefully I can get to it tonight) by just trying to stress the processor by doing multiple activities at once.  I will get two channels tuned and watch a channel on one device while browsing around on another device.  Doing skips is a good idea as well.

I don’t seem to have any problems watching one show live or recorded, but I have seen this problem occur when several things are going on at once.

@snowcat - just an idea - could it have anything to do with the recording quality selected?  If the station being recorded is 1080, and the Tablo is set at 720 (or vice-versa) - this downscaling/upscaling may be introducing extra overhead.

I have both the Tablo and Roku set to 1080P.

I tried to recreate the problem during my lunch break, but I was unable to.  I had two recordings going on, and then I hit the system with a PC, an iPad, and the Roku.  It never did reset.

@snowcat - I was thinking more the actual antenna source - if a channel is transmitted in 720, but the Tablo records in 1080 - does the upscaling add overhead?

@tablotv - if this is a real affect, maybe there could be an option to always record programs in their native, as transmitted, resolution - rather than recording them all in 720 or 1080 (or 480!).

@snowcat Thanks for all the info and the feedback. I’m working on your ticket right now - stay tuned.

I know this is an older thread but I figured I would ask if there was a fix to the rebooting issue.
My tablo has rebooted on its own several times in the few weeks I have owned it. Tonight, during the superbowl it rebooted twice and prior to the game starting the tablo froze requiring me to power cycle it.
Thank you for any advice.

My tablo also rebooted on its own several times around 9pm PST in the last 3 weeks.

I noticed it because my scheduled recordings were cut short.

@op347 @tablouser2015 you should contact tablo support if you notice this so the logs can be reviewed.