Tablo rebooting and recording truncated

I watch Tablo on my TV by using Airplay from the Tablo ios App on my ipad to an AppleTV. Verified that both the ios app, tablo firmware and appleTV firmware are all latest and greatest as of 3/31/2015.

1 hour program from 9pm-10pm set to record.
I started watching the recording at ~9:13pm while the Tablo continued to record the live stream.
Great reception, no artifacts or issues until ~9:37pm (I think I had almost caught up with live stream).
The picture froze, after about ~30 seconds I picked up the ipad and it said it had lost connection to the tablo.
I tried a few more times and was unsuccessful in connecting.  After 1-2 minutes I was able to reconnect. 
I *think* it was rebooting itself, but I don't *know* that.
I then waited til after 10:00pm and went to watch the program and FF to where I left off.  
The first 37 minutes of the program were gone and the recording that did exist started at 9:39pm through to the end of the show.

So I missed a few minutes, not a huge deal but a catastrophic failure of the Tablo.

If there are any other details I can provide I would be happy to or if I can pull any logs off the Tablo for you that would be helpful I'm sure I can do that.

I have a substantial amount of software engineering skillset if that helps at all.

How hot is your Tablo? Is it in a ventilated area?

Try standing it upright to let it cool better.

@martyrose  may sound weird, but set your tablo on its side. I had some heat issues, or what I perceived to be heat issues and that seemed to fix it.

I also had an issue with the Tablo locking up and I put my Tablo on this fan plugged into the second USB Port and have not had any rebooting issues since.

How hot is my Tablo: Not really sure, I haven’t checked it routinely to know. I will start doing that to get a better idea.

Is it ventilated: Passively kind of. I have the tablo shimmed off the surface its on so it isn’t sitting directly on something, but only by a few mm, and not active air movement.  I have a single portable HDD on top of it, again shimmed to a few mm. I can improve both those setups.

I’ll try and improving the airflow/gap around the tablo to improve the heat dissipation and see if that doesn’t improve things.

Thanks for the ideas!

@martyrose - Try not to stack the HD on top of the Tablo. That’ll amp up the thermals. 

Those of us with 2 tuner model find ours to be exceptionally cool… even with drive on top.  Well, at least in my case anyhow.

Apparently the 4 tuner model runs a lot (and I mean a lot) hotter.

I run my dual tuner on it’s side, I’ve never had a reboot issue. But to be honest, I use it mostly as a DVR rather than to watch Live TV.


Read this thread:

@martyrose How’d this turn out? Had any issues since?