Tablo Rebooted @ 8:00pm EST tonight


At about 8:00pm tonight, just as “The Voice” and “Selfie” were ready to record, the 4-Tuner Tablo (hardwired) rebooted itself. I was watching a recorded episode of Gotham via the Roku 3 (hardwired) when the Tablo app reported that the Tablo could not be located. I looked up and the blue light was flashing.

I think this happened last week also because 3 of my recorded shows all stopped at 18 minutes into recording. Unfortunately I was not home and did not get to see what happened.

Any thoughts?

I had something record only 17 minutes and then nothing more on Saturday night. I figured Tablo rebooted on its own as well, but I was not using the Tablo at the time of the recording so I don’t know for sure why it stopped recording 43 minutes before the show ended. There was pixilation, stuttering, and then it just ended. I hadn’t realized the recording was short when I began watching it the following day.

@snzkickin We’ve been able to collect the logs from of few Tablo’s in the field to observe this issue. The Tablo will reboot (rarely) itself if it runs into a firmware error that we’ve identified. 

Fortunately, with these logs, we’ve been able to analyze this issue and gain a better understanding of how/when it happens. This is rapidly leading us to a fix, and we’ll implement it as soon as we can. 

@w84mike It’s also important to note that a firmware error isn’t the only reason you might see a partial/failed recording. For example, if the recording fails outright, the iPad app will give you a friendly error message. This can be due to disk issues/space availability, power failures, inclement weather (nose dive in reception), conflicts, etc.

@TabloSupport Thanks for the update. It occurred again yesterday evening around 5:40pm EST. If you need get any additional logs from my Tablo, please let me know.

Think mine rebooted tonight in Primetime uggggg! Would love to cancel Hulu+ subscription soon, thankfully I can get my Brooklyn 99 fix there tomorrow.

@ChrisWilkes Hopefully they release a fix soon.

@ChrisWilkes @snzkickin This is one of our top priorities - we intend to release a fix ASAP.

I hope this is why some of my recordings failed recently.  When an update is released, will my tablo automatically update?

@mlnaficy, check out this info about what happens during a firmware update:

Thanks for that link:)


My 4 Tuner Tablo locked up 2 nights ago and had to be power-cycled. I tried to access it from one of my Roku 3 boxes and the iPad. It could not be located.

Last night, I launched the app via Roku and it could not connect. I then noticed the blue LED on the Tablo begin flashing quickly then again slowly. After a couple minutes, I was able to access it again.

Today at about 4:45pm, basically the same thing as last night.

Is it time to gather logs from mine?


We've managed to gather enough data from Tablo's in the fields at this point. We're hard at work on a permanent fix which we intend to release ASAP.

Ok @TabloSupport, so I have been running pretty good for a few weeks then last night 2 shows cut off half way, I didn’t notice until I was watching the recording. Both 9pm shows cut at 30 minutes. Then While I was watching a how in front of the Tablo at 10pm I saw the light start flashing and boom. Lucky I saw so I could restart a recording.

I hope this fix gets out soon, that is really frustrating. 

@Jestep It’s high on our priority list, and will be addressed in the next firmware release.

So many unwanted Tablo reboots over the last week it’s unreal. It basically occurs daily and I’m at two times over the last few hours.

Tonight it rebooted around 5:xx pm and then right at 8:00pm again.

@snzkickin I know this doesn’t help you right now - but we’re working on it. This is very high on our priority list and we’re putting a lot of effort into fixing this.

This happened to me as well.  It also explains why the device has been losing connectivity with wireless on occasion.

@snzkickin, have you tried putting your Tablo on its side?  I am curious to see if that helps any of the rebooting problems.

@snzkickin , @snowcat is right about putting it on its side. I had issues and put it on its side and surprised that the times I have had issues has gone way down. Very surprised that it would cause that many reboots, but I was seeing a lot.

@snowcat @Jestep @snzkickin

I don’t think this would have any effect. I’ve had a chat with our hardware folks, and the heat sync won’t be able to properly disperse heat if it’s not positioned properly.