Tablo randomly stops working

Hi There,

First post to the community. I have had a tablo for a few months now. This is for my parents house, we got rid of digital cable. The setup is three TV’s with ROKU’s. Roku consists of Tablo / Sling / and Netflix.

I keep having the same problem. The roku apps will mess up with the tablo. You click watch on live tv or a recording and it just exits out of that menu. It starts the loading sequence then immediately exits out. I restarted the Roku box and it doesn’t fix it.

The only fix is a box reset. This doesn’t really work for my parents sake. They are not techie at all.

Any fixes? Anyone else deal with this?

At least three times now this has happened.

Are you using the original Tablo Roku channel or the newer Tablo preview channel? Also, what firmware version is the Tablo currently running? There have been some recent updates to the Tablo firmware that may have addressed this. 2.1.30 is current to date.

Most importantly, what are the 3 Rokus? Are they all the same, if so, what is the Model Number?

They are all brand new Roku 3’s on every TV (Purchased just for the tablo solution)

Using both Tablo apps (for troubleshooting purposes). To my knowledge, its the most updated firmware, but I’m not at the house to verify right now.

Wouldn’t hurt to double check when you get the chance just to be sure. You could also submit a support ticket with tablo so they can look dig a little deeper into it.