Tablo Randomly Not Recording

Hey all,

I have a Tablo Dual 64 with a 1TB Elements harddrive. About a week ago, the device started to randomly miss recordings. I did a factory restore since nothing seemed to help. Well, the problem is actually worse now. I have no issues with signal strength but the shows just don’t record. For example, the thumbnail in the recordings page will show a number or recordings but when I go into the show, there are no recordings to view.

Yesterday, I did not see Jeopardy recording at 7pm (I am NC), so I went into the schedule and the show was marked to record. I “canceled” the recording and then restarted the recording and it recorded.

Any ideas of things to check? I did a channel rescan several times too.

I have had the device for just over 2 months and getting tired of all the issues.


What app/client are you using for playback? Web, Roku, Android, etc.?

I would also suggest opening a ticket with Tablo so they can look at your Tablo’s logs and let you know what they show as far as why the scheduled show was not recorded successfully.

I am using the iPad app as well as the Roku app. I plan on opening a ticket if I can ever get my device to go into heartbeat mode, uggh… Anyone have any tips on that? Guess my trigger finger isn’t what it used to be!!!

If you time it like Sheldon’s knocks, you should be good.

If you need to, using the tip of a pen/pencil can help too.

If you give us a ring, the team can see immediately whether it worked or not:

Thanks and funny :slight_smile:

I put my device into remote mode and submitted a ticket. By the way, I put it into remote mode last night and this morning it was back to normal mode… I did not reset it.

The blink will go away after Tablo does its nightly maintenance but your device will remain in remote mode until it’s not needed.