Tablo Quirkiness

My Tablo has a consistant problem and Tablo blames on my netwwork-I have an Insignia FireTV. There is nothing wrong with my network. When I go into Tablo for the first time of the day, it spins and spins. I usually end up attempting to exit and when I do the Table logo with the rainbow colors comes up but does not load correctly and it starts making horrible throbbing sounds. I then try to exit out but it has the tv locked up. It takes several minutes to get to to let go and my tv shuts down. I try to get back in to the Tablo app and it goes straight in and works perfect. I can exit Tablo completely, shut off the TV and restart and things are perfect again. Now the next day comes and we rinse and repeat, the issue starts all over. One thing is, I use a sleep timer so it goes off using that rather than a clean exit from me. This is so perfectly repeatable.

This is exactly the behavior for the Tablo app when it doesn’t get completely exited out. It’s like the app tries to try to hold onto the connection and a TV going to sleep seems to confuse it.

I haven’t seen the problems you’re experiencing, though. That trick of pressing the back button as soon as you load the app and the circle starts spinning seems to work on all my Android/Fire devices.

One thing to try is to hold the OK button and Play/Pause for 10 seconds until it says “FireTV is shutting down” (or something similar). This is a sort of cache reset and tends to be faster and easier to do than going through all the settings to get to the restart option. It’s pretty much my go-to when a Fire device is misbehaving.

Of course, you can try some of the basics to see if it helps:
Force quit and clear cache.
Force quit and clear data.
Uninstall, reboot, reinstall.

I understand your frustration. I wish this wasn’t so prevalent and I hope it’s something they look into in future updates.


I use to have the same problem. What I learned was exactly what @269587 mentioned and that was because I liked putting on a recording and let the TV shutoff after about an hour or two. I had to stop my TV from auto shutoff and my fireTV from going into sleep mode automatically after a certain amount of idle time because this was equivalent to cutting Tablo off mid-stream and Tablo didn’t handle that well. Tablo prefers graceful exits.