Tablo Quad Tuner Locks Up Every Couple of Days

Hi Folks,

I’m hoping the community can help me with a problem I am having with my new Quad Tuner.

I sent an email to Tablo support and I’m not sure they actually read the email because the response had nothing to do with my problem. I replied back to their email clarifying my request but they have went radio silent.

I love the idea of the Tablo so I would hate to have to return it.

I have this device connected via Ethernet to my router. I am using an iPhone XS Max and Roku devices to view content on the Tablo.

Every couple of days, when I go to use the Tablo via my roku - I navigate to the Tablo roku app and when I click on the app, I get a ‘No Tablos Found’ error.’

So, I go to my Tablo app on my phone and I am not able to connect the Tablo that way either. This happens on all of my Rokus.

I pull the power cable and reboot the Tablo and everything works great for a couple of days and then it does the same thing.

I can see the device connected to my router but it doesn’t respond to pings when it is in this strange state


Hi Josh - I see you replied to the ticket before getting a response back from the team. This unfortunately will push you to the back of the queue which means a longer delay for a response.

I’ll have the team follow up with you ASAP.

It does indeed sound like a network issue. Setting a DHCP reservation for your Tablo might do the trick though.

Yes, this worked for me.

@TabloTV , a little off topic but I’ve read of many instances where someone replies to their own ticket (to add additional info) and the ticket gets pushed down in the queue. Why not change this behavior? Queue ticket based on when received, not updated.

It is not right that a person gets penalized by try to provide better information about an issue.

We hear ya.

Alas it’s a built-in downside to the 3rd party ticketing software we use. We ask them all the time to fix it but no dice so far.

And it’s not like we use some weird off-brand software. This is a big industry-standard SaaS program.

We have looked at switching to other options but A) that would be super painful and B) there doesn’t seem to be anything else on the market that work work as well for our needs.

I think it’s pertinent that I clarify something here for Tablo’s benefit.

On Sunday, I opened a ticket via the website.

On Monday, I received a response via email.

On Monday, I replied to that response email (not the original ticket).

On Tuesday, I forwarded my response to the support email address as I hadn’t received a response yet and wondered if the mailbox doesnt get viewed.

On Thursday, I started this thread and I did get a response (thank you) and as part of that response it says that my request has been solved (which I do not agree with).


That’s the other ‘fun’ quirk of the system. In order to send a response, the ticket must be marked as solved even if it’s ongoing. You can always re-open a ticket at any time but it’s best to only send a single response before receiving a note back from us.

You can feel free to touch base via the forum or social media to get an update on your ticket at any time.