Tablo Quad suddenly died

Tablo Quad here.

Everything was working fine last night. Watched the news, etc. Then this morning I get the weak signal message on all channels. I rebooted the Tablo and router several times and nothing changes. I try the rescan and it immediately tells me “no channels were found in your area”. I check all the connections between the antenna and Tablo and all seem fine. In fact I disconnected the cable into the Tablo and connected my small portable tv and it receives all channels fine. Reconnect the Tablo and still dead.


Power supply?

Power supply is fine. I can still view my recordings. Problem seems to be in signal input area or tuners.

On A two tuner it it possible to over tighten the coax and break the conductor inside the RF connector, resulting in a weak signal. I have not taken my Quad apart so I do not know if the quad has the same style connector. It is also possible to repair the broken conductor, if you are handy with a soldering iron.

Running the tuners takes more power than playing back the recordings. It could be the power supply.

I agree with @FlyingDiver, I’d try a new power adapter to rule it out.
It’s good to have a spare, in any case.
They’re $12:

I disagree, if the power supply is the problem, the Op should not able to view and play the recorded videos.

Not necessarily true. As @FlyingDiver said, recording actually pulls more power so if the power supply is starting to fail, that could very well be one of the symptoms. I also say this from experience as it’s happened to me in the past. I was having problems with recordings failing and replaced the power supply and the problem was resolved.

Well, Tablo connected remotely and determined that the tuners had failed. The sent a replacement.
For the heck of it, I tried the new power supply first. No success.
New Tablo now setup and I am good to go.

Good job Tablo customer service!!

Great! Glad you got it resolved!