Tablo Quad - New User....NOT impressed

I just purchased a TQNS4B and have yet been able to successfully watch anything OTA.

I receive an error stating weak signal, but when I look at the channels they are all strong. My antenna is good as I can connect directly to my TV and watch whatever I want without any difficulties.

I have power cleared, reset, rescanned the device numerous times to no avail.

Isn’t it true that a poorly supported HD could cause this? (I’ll let others chime in)

Do you have a hard drive connected to your Tablo QUAD?

Remove any splitters between the antenna to Tablo. Ideally you want one single physical direct cable run from the antenna to Tablo. No combiners, no joiners, no splitters.

It’s possible.

If you’re using internal storage, it’s worth checking to see if the drive is seated properly. There should be a tiny bit of foam in the drive bay that ensures the drive stays in the right spot.

The support team is still in the office for a little while longer. They’d be happy to give you a hand as well:

The OTA antenna is connected directly to device and I’m also using an external drive.

I had to switch to my DirecTV service to finish watching the Army-Navy game as Tablo reported weak signal during halftime, yet skies were clear.

I’ve ordered an internal drive to see if this resolves the issue.

Are you using an indoor antenna? What is the make and model of your antenna?

If tried to separate indoor antennas (in which I have no problems when I connect to any of my 3 TVs directly).

RCA 1321GM
Amazgi - amplified TV Antenna (same problems when I use the amplified and non-amplifier adapter).

This is likely your problem. Your TVs do not have an internal splitter in them, the Tablo does, it is how it feeds the 4 tuners. The 1x4 internal splitter does result in some signal loss. Get a better OTA antenna, likely a larger outdoor one will solve your problem.

All of you were incorrect. I replaced my external drive with an internal and have not had an issue in over 18 hours with either Live TV or recordings.

I recommend Tablo provide a firmware upgrade with accurate error code reporting.

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What was the make and model of the external drive? Is it a new drive or used and abused?