Tablo quad keeps freezing up or dying = blue LED is off

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I have a Tablo Quad, non-hdmi version (it goes through the Roku box). In the settings I have the LED set to on, meaning it is on all the time unless blinking which indicates trouble. The problem: periodically I notice the blue LED is off. When I try to connect with either the Roku or the phone app, it says Tablo not found. If I press the reset button, once quickly, nothing happens. The only way to revive it is to cycle the power by unplugging the power adapter, waiting 30-40 seconds, then plugging back in. So my question is: what is causing the DVR to “freeze up” and become unresponsive and turn off the LED? I have searched the knowledge base and the forum and can’t seem to find anything about freeze up, only one post about “unresponsive” which was did not help my situation.

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First thought is power supply. Could have enough power to initially start up but be borderline enough to cause it to lock up later.

I’d start with replacing the power supply. Or if your hard drive is powered by the Tablo unit, switching to a powered version or adding a powered hard drive adapter might be enough to lighten the load.

Alternately, could be a bad hard drive or USB.

@Daniel454, Thanks. Yes, I found this post where replacing the power supply with a beefier one solved some quirky issues.Power Supply Considerations I’ve order the suggested replacement and waiting for it to arrive.


I’ve replaced the power supply with the suggested 3A model. It seemed like it fixed the issue for a while, but it is still randomly freezing or dying where the blue LED goes out and unable to connect without power cycling. Any additional suggestions? Hoping @TabloSupport would have responded.

Our team would be happy to work with you on a ticket; feel free to send us one here with the details, and we can get some diagnostics done to see if we can track down the root cause of the issue.

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