Tablo Quad For Sale

I have a Tablo Quad I installed at my brothers in July, 2019 that was flawless up until about 1 month ago where it would need a power cycle every time he tried to use at. After a battle with support I was finally able to get them to agree to RMA the unit and they will be sending me either a brand new one or a factory refurb as it was only 6 month into it’s warranty period.

My brother didn’t want to be w/o a Tablo for very long when I came to recover it to send back to Nuvvyo so I bought the cheaper $100 Tablo Dual Lite. He doesn’t use a hard disk with it and really doesn’t need the 4 tuners. It was easy to swap out the Dual for the quad and tie the dual to his guide data account for which we bought 1 year of guide data for him back in July when the Quad was new.
So far the Dual Lite has been flawless and he’s once again happy.

So – when I get a Quad back from Nuvvyo I’d like to sell it to anyone interested. I have a Dual non-lite w/ the 64 Gb flash and I’m happy with it. My brother is good w his Dual Lite, and my co-worker has had no issues with his Quad that he pre-ordered when it first came out also. All good experiences with those 3 – just the one Quad that was a dud.

I don’t need an extra quad so I’m sending this out to see who might be interested in purchasing a quad and save some money. I’ll quote a price once I find out if I end up getting a brand new or refurb but I will probably start at $150 since these are $200 brand new. If the replacement is not brand new I can knock some more off the price and possibly consider including shipping costs to sweeten the deal further.

I’ll be back here once I get the replacement unit back. I’m sending the RMA’d quad to Tablo tomorrow.


Are you in Canada?

I should have mentioned I’m in the USA – Lancaster, MA.

I deal with a company ConnectTech out of Guelph, Ontario for my day job and they do quite well shipping us product. I can find out what it would cost to send the unit there and we could probably work out a deal. Although is there a difference in OTA standard up there? I remember NTSC vs. PAL w/ the analog old days, but with digital OTA I don’t really know if Canada is different that USA – I hope not!


And according to Wikipedia both Canada and the US use the ATSC standard for digital TV. Should be good to go for use in Canada.

Lol yep that’s how it’s always been. PAL is from Europe. But thanks for the quick response!

Let us know what kind of unit you get back.

So I received the replacement Tablo Quad today.
I’ve got 2 co-workers at my work who want it. This will mean I won’t have to ship it, so I’ll be selling this unit to one of my 2 co-workers. Sorry about that! If for some reason the deal w/ my co-worker(s) falls through I’ll post an update here and offer it first to the @theuser86


I know you are selling this to a co-worker but i’m curious if you received a refurbished unit or a new one?

It was a refurb

Yes as @theuser86 mentioned I confirmed with Tablo support that the replacement unit is a refurb and also it is the newer model number that some had theorized in the thread about the new Tablo quad having overheat issues the newer model may have had some changes to address heat.

At any rate I have completed the sale of this refurb RMA unit to my co-worker for $135 US. I was going to ask $150 if the unit was brand new, but since it’s a refurb I sold it to him for $135.

I’m still waiting from support to see if they can test the failed unit and determine why it was hanging every day when my brother tried to use it. His Tablo Duo lite he has now has been flawless and I’m hoping this refurb replacement Tablo quad I sold to my co-worker will also perform well.

My Tablo Duo w/ 64 gig flash (not available anymore) has been working flawlessly for over 1 year now and my other co-worker who has a quad has enjoyed great performance with his quad – he’s using an internal drive for DVR capability.