Scanning the forum and website, the absence of information suggests we are never getting a firmware upgrade to drop the subscription. The last post I could find was mid-23 with an EoY update possible. Obviously that never happened being it’s mid-24. Legacy does mean old crap, having managed legacy software for a decade. Oh well.

Not sure about yours, but my legacy Tablo is still working fine with my Roku devices.
Not sure how long that will last. I have about a month to decide if renewing the guide subscription for another year is worthwhile. I think it is, but I don’t like the uncertainty about the future of the device.

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They just did a survey a few days ago with this text…

So it would seem to imply sometime in 2024 now.

Language is the same as a year ago. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I’m not going to bet on it.
Edit: I will say it’s encouraging that they are repeating that the new firmware will be available for legacy devices in the future. The promise hasn’t been quietly forgotten – that would be certain doom for legacy devices.

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As long as they continue supporting the legacy app, I don’t think it will necessarily be a problem

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I think the “Quad Unit” is never going to be used at full capacity. A dual-tuner unit probably would had worked just as reliabily.